Photo of Chao Xu

Chao Xu | 许超

Ph.D. student in
Algorithms and Theory group
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Global and fixed-terminal cuts in digraphs with Kristóf Bérczi, Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, Tamás Király and Euiwoong Lee.

Conference Publications

A Faster Pseudopolynomial Time Algorithm for Subset Sum with Konstantinos Koiliaris. SODA 2017.

Computing minimum cuts in hypergraphs with Chandra Chekuri. SODA 2017. [Slides]
Note: The SODA camera ready version has a bug in the sparsification section that is fixed in the arXiv update.

On Element-Connectivity Preserving Graph Simplification with Chandra Chekuri and Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt. ESA 2015.

Detecting Weakly Simple Polygons with Jeff Erickson and Hsien-Chih Chang. SODA 2015.

Journal Publications

Reconstructing edge-disjoint paths faster. Operations Research Letters, 44 (2) (2016), pp. 174-176

Champion spiders in the game of Graph Nim with Neil J. Calkin and Janine E. Janoski and Allison Nelson and Sydney Ryan. Congr. Numer., 218:5-19, 2013.